Energy Drink Red Ribbon – Android 18 xxx DBZ Hentai

» Publicado por Hentaix el Friday 27, 2020

Android 18 xxx will show its entrepreneurial side in this Dragon Ball porn parody. The blonde who in every hentai does a lot of shit, couldn’t be different in this one, but she has now discovered herself as a successful advertising girl and starts her work representing a powerful energetic, that when consumed, makes anyone get the biggest hard-on instantly. The place chosen to advertise the product was a beach full of men, the perfect scenario for this hot blonde to convince people to use her products.
She uses all her charm for this, puts on a sexy short bikini, sets up her tent and starts calling everyone to try the miraculous product. As soon as the guys try it, the hard-on starts hitting and they’re dying to trace the android 18. Even krilin xxx dbz is in the middle of these bastards and he’ll be the first one to catch this little bitch. After making the biggest surprise with the guys, the tits get super excited because the sales have been a success!